Most of my teaching falls into three spheres:  Latin, Greek, and Classical Civilization.  This page is used to house sample syllabi, course descriptions, and elements frequently used in multiple courses.


LATN 101-102  Introduction to Latin

LATN 201-202  Intermediate Latin

LATN 307 Survey of Latin:  The Principate

LATN 352 Roman Drama

LATN 353 Cicero

LATN 355 Roman Historical Writing

LATN 356 Vergil

LATN 357 Horace

LATN 358 Ovid

LATN 430 Latin Prose Composition

LATN 432 Roman Philosophical Thought

LATN 434 Roman Satire

Handouts for Latin

The Greatest Handout Ever Made (Latin)

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GREK 101-102  Introduction to Attic Greek

GREK 201-202  Intermediate Greek

Handouts for Greek

The Greatest Handout Ever Made (Greek)

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CLAS 103 Greek Civilization


Online.  In this sample syllabus I lay out the books we’ll use, the kinds of grade-able things that will be due, and the topics we’ll cover.  A brief version would be this:  each week (there are five weeks per summer session) you’ll have some reading to do, for which I will provide you a list of study questions and key terms to pay attention to and all of which will be the basis of a multiple choice online quiz; each week you will also have a 2-3 page paper assignment.  There will be a few more quizzes (on maps, dates, and the sources for the study of classical literature).  All quizzes are open book and open note, but that doesn’t mean “easy” because the quizzes are timed.  I tend to see the same grade distributions for online as traditional format.  So much for the technical aspects!

Our subject is Greek Civilization from the archaic (8th c. BCE) to the Hellenistic era (100 BCE, approximately).  After we focus on the general mindset of ancient Greeks (about identity, gods, gender, government, etc.) and getting a sense of the arc of Greek culture through those periods, we will read examples of the three major genres–epic, lyric, and drama.  This gives us an opportunity to see how some Greeks framed and tried to answer “the big questions” (are the gods just?  how do humans fit into everything?  what are our responsibilities? etc.).

CLAS 105 Roman Civilization

CLAS 110 Greek and Roman Mythology in Art and Literature

CLAS 352C 3D Pompeii

CLAS 485 Senior Thesis

Handouts for Classical Civilization

The Greek Alphabet

The Roman Alphabet

Dates, Maps, and Sources