The Natural

I loved golf since I was 14-15-16, and managed to get to about a 10 handicap.  At a certain point in college it occurred to me that if I didn’t take school more seriously, I might end up living under a bridge!  I sold my clubs (Pings) and my guitar (Rickenbacker 360 in sunburst).  Ended up with a Ph.D. and a calling, which is all well and good.  Fast forward twenty-odd years and here I am asking the really big question:  What about golf?  The love is there, the passion, but the years have changed what I can do.  It’s like starting all over again.  That’s hard.  But a few weeks ago a brought my daughter, Julia, to the course and lo and behold, world, we have a natural on our hands.  Incredible eye-hand coordination, balance, feel.  And just the right mental make-up to handle the ups and downs of the world’s most difficult game (after chess).  I envy that she gets to start at the very beginning.  Here she is sinking putts from three feet–like the artist she is.2016-05-25 09.46.55