UMW Greece 2017


Welcome to the UMW Greece 2017 webpage!

You can register and make payments at the UMW Center for International Study page for UMW Greece 2017!

The core academic experience of this study abroad program is the applied study of Greek mythology.

Many UMW undergraduates take CLAS 110 Greek and Roman Mythology in Art and Literature to satisfy a general education requirement (ALPA).  That course is a pre- or co-requisite for this study abroad program and will be taught at two different times in Spring 2017 and online during the first summer session.

The course every student enrolled in UMW Greece 2017 must take is CLAS 352A Greek Mythology in Art and Archaeology.  In this course, students embark on a nearly two-week journey through sixteen Greek cities or islands, including a three-day cruise.  For sample syllabi for both courses (to be updated in Spring 2017), go here!

Please note that this course will begin one full week BEFORE the first summer session but will conclude at the prescribed conclusion of the summer session (seven weeks in all).  For an up-to-the-minute diary of deadlines and our itinerary, please subscribe to our Google calendar called UMW Greece 2017.

We will hold information sessions weekly until the course is filled:  Wednesdays (except where noted), 5pm, in Trinkle 243 on the dates below.

September 21

October 5

October 19

December 7, 4 pm

January 25

February 1

We hope you can join us!  If you can’t, please email me and we’ll arrange a time to talk.